Aero | AERO elektro racer motorcycles
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AERO elektro racer motorcycles

AERO elektro racer motorcycles

The Aero project in collaboration with the italian Inmoto magazine has come true, after nearly a year of work the new E-Racer was presented at EICMA. The bike is the result of intensive partnerships with some of the most incredible and enthusiastic craftsmen and Italian companies. First of all Tacita motor, manufacturer of the T-Race, the first electric motorcycle to have participated in a desert rally that gave birth and body to this special.

Il progetto Aero in collaborazione con InMoto è diventato realtà, dopo quasi un anno di lavoro la nuova E-Racer è stata presentata ad Eicma. La moto è frutto di un’intensa partnership con alcuni dei più incredibili ed entusiasti artigiani e aziende italiane. Prima fra tutti Tacita motor, produttrice della T-Race, la prima moto elettrica ad aver partecipato ad un rally nel deserto da cui è nata questa special.


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E-Racer specifications

ENGINE  Electric asynchronous three-phase induction, aluminum body, machined from solid

3 MAPPINGS   Eco – Urban – Boost

COOLING SYSTEM  Liquid-type with circuits for motor and controller

TRANSMISSION  5-speed gearbox with hydraulic clutch

BATTERY  5.3 kWh Li-po lythium polymer

BATTERY LIFE  Up to 4000 cycles to 80% initial capacity



MAX RPM  9000

FRAME  Split crome-molybdenum single-beam and aluminium back frame

FRONT SUSPENSION  fully adjustable Ø48 mm upside-down Öhlins TTX pressurized nitrogen hydraulic fork

REAR SUSPENSION  fully adjustable Öhlins pressurized nitrogen unit with hydraulic spring preload

WHEELS  front 3.5 x 17” 120/70-17 Pirelli MT60 – rear 4.25 x 17” 160/60-17 Pirelli MT60

BRAKES    front Brembo radially mounted 4 pistons calipers CLF watercut Wave® floating disc, Ø320 mm – rear  220 mm CLF watercut Wave® disc

REGENERATIVE BRAKE  2 maps to choose, Hard or Smooth

BODY  Kevlar and carbon fiber, 3d printed nylon 

SEAT  Eco leather and Alcantara® with tailored seams

RANGE  Up to 1h before reserve power. Reserve power function automatically activated at 20% of remaining charge, reducing performance to reach the nearest charging point.

CHARGING TIME  35 min to full charge on public high-power stations – 1 h 30 min to full charge with domesic plugs with onboard 3Kw charger


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